Antibiotics and Antivirals

Antibiotics and antivirals are powerful drugs that have made a massive impact on human life expectancy by stopping bacterial and viral infections that at another point in time could have caused disability or even death, in their tracks. Still, these drugs act as blunt — rather than precision — instruments. Scientists are learning more very day about the healthy microbes that help our bodies function, and when these drugs disrupt them, we can experience myriad side effects from diarrhea to compromised kidney function. Since many of these drugs are prescribed more often than they’re truly necessary, MedShadow helps you know when you really need them and what you can do to limit the side effects of antibiotics and antivirals.

Essential Information

Pros & Cons of Antibiotics

Pros & Cons of Antibiotics: Can antibiotics cure the coronavirus? No. What about from the regular flu? No. But antibiotics can save your life if you have an infection...

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