Meet the MedShadow Team

Dante Steward, MBA

Digital Marketing Manager
I learned at a very young age how heavily the quality of healthcare can affect our daily lives and our future. My discovery arrived from experiences growing up with a father with diabetes and a mother with heart problems. Appropriately, I had the desire to be a champion for people More Info

Shantell Batista

Social Media Specialist
Staying informed has always been important to me. Growing up during the rapid evolution of social media, I learned firsthand how much of an influence it had on real life events. Having dyslexia also meant that I had to work harder to stay up to date—not all information is accessible More Info

Michelle Lodge

Michelle Lodge is a journalist best known for her profiles of the accomplished and celebrated, the barely visible and everyone in between—as long as they have a good story to tell. Among the topics she covers are trends, health, books, business and personal finance. Former deputy managing editor of TIME, More Info
Suzanne B. Robotti, Su Robotti head shot outdoors

Suzanne Robotti

Founder and President
I started MedShadow Foundation in  2013 because I was harmed by a medicine called DES (diethylstilbestrol) that was given to my mother when she was pregnant with me. When I was 13, I learned that I would not ever be able to get pregnant because of the side effects of More Info
Angela Smith

Angela Smith

Administration Manager
I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in 2015, and I know what it’s like to experience negative side effects from medication — it’s scary, confusing, and sometimes feels hopeless. I did everything I was supposed to; I took my medicine as indicated and went in for my monthly blood More Info
Kimberly Bliss

Kimberly Bliss

Development Associate
As someone who is adopted and growing into her mid-century modern self, I have had questions about my family medical history remain unanswered.  This gap in information not only got me in the habit asking what happens when I take this drug, what are the side effects of treatment, what are the benefits More Info

Emma Yasinski

Staff Writer
As a child, I was lucky to be a participant in a clinical trial in which a small device was inserted into my heart to cover an atrial septal defect which was causing my heart to grow unevenly, and over time, would likely have led to symptoms like shortness of More Info

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